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Setting up free custom mails for your startup

Sharing my experience on what i could have done better.

So i bought some domains early january, building my startup stickerkeen, but for a standardized startup, you need a custom mail to get things done, so people would be doubting your mail or application validity.

Didnt give it a second thought, i signed up for the Namecheap Private mail, tried thier starter plan free trial.

when trial period was up? i was required to pay 14/year to keep the mail up else, i will loose it.

That rush, you know, i funded my namecheap and paid for the bill.

Fast forward, i noticed i need more custom mails so as to seperate things.

Well namecheap gave the option to create alias mails, i.e i can create [email protected] but every mail sent to [email protected] will come to the inbox of [email protected]

Doesnt looks cool enough, you wont be able to send mail directly as [email protected] but you can recieve mails.

That led me to creating another private mail and subscribing another 14/year.

Yes, i later discovered i can increase the mailboxes but it was too late. so i no have two mail operating on $14/year each.

Now i registered another domain for an open source project that i am working on with some collegues, (Flipify, Simple, fast, and fun switch between hosting providers, third party integrations, and more)

And for a founding team more than 5, namecheap isnt an option, we dont have the bills.

That led to the digging of ZohoMail, their free plan grants you access to the following:

  • 5 user accounts
  • 5GB storage/user
  • Email attachments up to 25MB
  • Email hosting for a single domain
  • Two factor authentication

You get yours up to, follow ZohoMail setup guide.