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· 8 min read

Been following the tech communities in Ekiti from 100 Level, passionate about every bit of it, the way I swiftly leave classes to the Tech Hub even made my colleagues nickname me "Techub".

But then there was no clear path, no focus, looking around there were no cyber security communities, so what was I doing? I joined the dev communities, going to every event just for taking the swag and yes learning too.

· 4 min read

Okay you've moved your infrastructure provisioning from visiting the console page and now adopted IaC ( Infrastructure as Code) for provisioning your infrastructure using terraform.

So along the way you discovered that you will be needing some sensitive credentials like github token to use with aws amplify, datadog api and key deployments?

· 6 min read

You are definately finding ways to autoscale up and down your nodes in kubernetes cluster, and figuring out which autoscaler is the best can be hard since there are many options, which one should you go for?

Well, i would advice going for Karpenter instead of the native Cluster Autoscaler, both project are sponsored by the aws team though, but Karpenter is fast when it comes to scaling up and scaling down the nodes.