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My Open Source Challenge 2021 Experince

· 5 min read
OSS Contributor

I joined the OSCA Africa Open Source Challenge 2021 which Started on the 16th of August 2021.

open source challenge 2021

I saw the challenge as a great way to learn and contribute to Open Source, so there was collaborations with other colleagues from the OSCA Ado Ekiti who are also participating in the challenge.

I met with new individuals and we shared ideas also.

Starting with the challenge, I decided to revisit those Open source projects that I have made attempts to get a pull request of mine merged into their OSS Project in 2020.

And this time around, I got my PRs merged, you know it's awesome having your name listed as a contributor to an OSS project used by a lot of people.

In 2020 I made my first contribution to GitHub Docs during the hacktoberfest program.

Although my PR was valid and it adds value, but it wasn't merged because the fix can't be applied in the public repo.

Github broken

Anyway, it was awarded the hackertofest-accepted label, so I moved on, before coming back again to the GitHub Docs in this Challenge and I finally got a merged PR into GitHub Docs.

Github merged pull request

This time around I was making corrections to typos which I found in the GitHub Docs, and yeah it was accepted and it got merged.

Moving to the next OSS Project which is gohugo, I used Hugo Static Site Generator for building my folio page, so I have been to their docs page almost every time to find solutions to errors or how I can implement some things.

So you know how it feels like to contribute to a project used by yourself and many people, I looked for something to contribute, but it wasn't merged, so I left it then.

Gohugo not merged pull request

I came back to the OSS project again in this Challenge and I finally got a merged PR into gohugo docs.

Gohugo merged pull request

Something awesome also happened to me in this challenge, I got mentioned and thanked for contributing to two OSS projects.

Github Cli Mention Saintmalik
Prisma Mention Saintmalik
Prisma 3.0.1

Moving forward, I crossed paths with docker in the process of creating a DockerFile for a GoLang CLI-based project, so I learned about docker, docker containers, and Docker images.

So I wrote my first Dockerfile and submitted the PR, but it's yet to be merged, I will update this post if the PR gets merged.

I also learned how to implement GitHub workflows so well, it saves maintainers from too much stress, so with GitHub workflow, you can implement checks for any PR submitted.

In my case, I implemented the awesome linting and broken links check for this Awesome OSS Docs Repo (📚 A curated list of awesome open source documentation for people who love contributing to docs.)

The workflow saves my time of running npx awesome-lint every time I merge a contribution, so if the changes have been submitted isn't abiding by the awesome-lint rules.

It will raise the red X for the pull request, also the broken link workflow rules will test those URLs for inaccessible urls or dead links, to avoid adding docs links that aren't accessible.

So I learned more about the workflow process and I implemented workflows for some other repos I own.

Okay, thanks for reading, that will be all.

Back to updating you all, that I am one of the 20 Successful Open Source Challenge 2021 Finalists.

Open Source Challenge 2021 Finalist