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Terragrunt Note

Terra grunt config file name, terragrunt.hcl


Terraform Block: to find terraform config files, communicate with resource on target provider —— Arguments: source, include_in_copy, extra_arguments, hooks before, error, after, init-from-module and init, terragrunt-read-config

Include block, inherit parent terraform configuration file to child config file, process data from parent to child in current config file Can only process one include block, path = find_in_parent_folders(“region.hcl”)

Local blocks allows you to define alias within the configuration file

Remote_state block:


Store remote state for multiple env

Path = “”
If_exists = “overwrite_terragrunt”
Contents = <<EOF
Terraform {
Backend “s3” {
Bucket = “terraform-statefiles-aws-vpc”
Key = “${path_relative_to_include())/terraform.tfstate”

Call them in your terrgrunt file and use block name include

Include “root” {
Path =