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Automate FInding and Fixing typos in large scale documentation

Good day guys, so i decided to write a bash script to automate, find and fix typos in large documentations either as a contributor or as a project maintainer.

Well i will like to say, this shouldnt be abused, Always make quality contribution and not quantity contribution to OSS Projects.

So lets get started;

Git clone the script from my github gist

git clone bulk-typos

Now navigate into the folder "bulk-typo"

cd bulk-typo

Next give the scriopt an executing right using the below command

chmod +x

Create a url file to add all the link of the github documentation repos

touch urls.txt

Then open the file to add the docs github repo urls.

nano urls.txt
Add Github URLs

After adding the links, press CNTRL + x, and then enter Y, and click enter.

When you are done, run the script and add the file where you want the output of your typos and the file that contains the github url of the documentation repos.

./ OUTPUTFILE.txt urls.txt


./ mytypos.txt urls.txt

When the script is done running, you can find all the typos in the mytypos.txt file, just run

cat mytypos.txt
Bulk Typo Result