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Delete Already Ran Github Action Workflows

So you might want to delete the exisiting ran workflow for what so ever reasons, you can do it using the github cli tool, gh

first you might want to export the values

export OWNER=your org or username
export REPO=your respository

and run the below command to get the ID's of this workflows

gh api -X GET /repos/$OWNER/$REPO/actions/workflows | jq '.workflows[] | .name,.id'

note the ID's and then run the following script

for workflow_id in "$1"
echo "Listing runs for the workflow ID $workflow_id"
run_ids=( $(gh api repos/$2/$3/actions/workflows/$workflow_id/runs --paginate | jq '.workflow_runs[].id') )
for run_id in "${run_ids[@]}"
echo "Deleting Run ID $run_id"
gh api repos/$2/$3/actions/runs/$run_id -X DELETE

this will delete the workflows