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AWS EKS LB controller can’t register Worker nodes to Target Group

So i had deployments which had loadbalancer and ingress, but yes they got created succefully and what happen to then, they are not working, so whats the cause.

I checked the the through the console the loadbalancer, target groups found nothing pointing to the error, so i checked the alb contoller logs, what i should have done at first, haha.

kubectl logs deployment/aws-load-balancer-controller -n kube-system

and after checking the logs, i found the error saying this

"error":"expect exactly one securityGroup taggedwith owned for eni eni-0e11cbc41dd583bec, got: [sg-0xxxxxxx sg-0xxxxxx]"

So it means two cluster security group are having this tag owned, so what happened? i created a single cluster security group using using eks module.

So i learnt that eks will create a cluster security group by default, totally irrelevant to the eks module, so now we are left with the option to remove the tag owned from the default security group eks created

But well you can do it the other way too, sinces this are tags, they are harmles, its just a means of identification and selection.

You can make sure too override the tags using the following code, that if you have provisioned your cluuster using terraform
  tags = {
Environment = "${var.env}"
"${var.eks-name}" = "shared"
Terraform = "true"