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Wameir - Reach out to whatsapp users without saving numbers

Language used: Golang 😌

Wameir was built out of repeated task, common with Community builders or any individual that takes users WhatApp details via either through forms or survey.

Well, after taking users WhatsApp numbers, here come the stressful task of either saving their numbers individually to message them or drop them the community link or manually adding everytime.

This action can be stressful and also saving numbers unneccasrily can be bad for ones privacy.

You surely dont want the users seeing your status but to join the community or whatsoever you want them to do.

Here comes the time saver and the stress reducer WAMEIR πŸ˜‚

All you have to do is select the country that the number belongs to and paste those bulky WhatsApp numbers and hit submit.

Wameir Wameir output

Dont mind the UI please, Lol, i suck at that Frontend thing

Check it out:

If you wish to improve the UI or contribute here is the source code:

So the things i learnt about Go from this project?

How to work with golang template, taking data from users via html form

Splitting datas taken into newlines

Tried the golang switch

Got to know more about strings, structs, declaration of global variable to access them in other part of the program in the go file

Also understand how to get golang web app up on Heroku by modifying the port inside the main function

Deployment to heroku needs a Procfile and other tiny tiny instructions and guide that i came across in toward building.